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Printmaking & Book

Engaging with the properties of the material is what attracted me to printmaking from the very beginning. I have found etching in particular, with its diverse range of gradations and drawing forms - from breathy gray to velvety black strokes - to be a suitable form of expression for me. In addition, I find literature a very stimulating source of inspiration for my graphic work.


In the etching workshop, you work on the metal printing plate primarily with the idea of what grinding, scratching and etching the surface could achieve. The most exciting part of the work is then to see after printing what the result has to do with this idea. The impression that the printing plate leaves on the living surface of the handmade paper creates a very unique, subtle aesthetic.


The working process demands a profound examination of a given material. And even though I see my graphics as independent works, the individual design of each handmade book, in which text and image work together in the end, is a special pleasure.


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