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I love drawing. Drawing is so much more than simply depicting what you see. Even a single pencil stroke can be so expressive and carry emotions such as passion, fragility and brutality.

Lucid Dreams

The human individual is at the center of this series. The elaboration of a constellation of figures gives rise to a multi-layered drawing of figurative elements. It visualizes overlapping different states of mind or interpersonal relationships such as closeness-distance, power-powerlessness.

Silent Moments

Sensitively coordinated tonalities dominate the dissolving, abstractly conceived landscapes. The atmospherically charged drawings usually emerge from the free handling of the line during the working process. In this way, timeless moments of tranquillity are created.

Evolution Of Urbanity

Creating a dreamlike atmosphere is an important aspect of my artistic work. This is also the case in this group of works, in which I transfer individual trees or groups of trees from the urban space into a new fantastic environment. By painting over the urban conditions, I concentrate on the characteristic appearance of the trees and give them space to unfold their splendor.


Mathias Roloff
Genslerstr. 13
13055 Berlin



Galerie Christine Knauber
Langenscheidtstr. 6
10827 Berlin

Galerie feinart berlin
Niebuhrstr. 71
10629 Berlin

Gallery Nostrum
Rue Florimond Letroye 13
1300 Wavre

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